To order one of our products please call 520 622 8335 and speak with Sandra or David. We will take your information and reply back with a quote that will include shipping if required. The quote is good for 7 business days from the date quoted. We will then require a 50 percent deposit to begin your build. Orders canceled within 5 business days after placing a deposit will require a 25 percent restocking fee based on the deposited amount.


We ship our products via LTL utilizing freight companies that we feel will handle the product gently, delivering the product damage free. We seek the best rate we can get for our client but we also look at transient time. The less transient time the less handling of the product. Also we do not fully weld out our grills, why do we do this. In the past we fully welded out all grills but found that if the grill was damaged it had to come back to us for repair. So we looked at the Grill and Smokers and designed the Pit so most typically damaged parts were replaceable. Our products are shipped on a heavy duty pallet specifically designed for the product. We offer residential delivery and pick up at terminal. For residential deliveries the product will arrive via truck with lift gate. The company will delivery the product to your residence but will not do an inside delivery. The Scottsdale, Tuscan, Kingman and Tombstone are all shipped with wheels attached. Simply cut the banding strap and roll off the pallet. If the product is damaged but acceptable please sign for the product but ensure that you note the product was damaged and what exactly was damaged. If the product is not acceptable then reject the product and contact AZ BBQ Outfitters.


All sales made by to a resident of the state of Arizona living in the state Arizona will be charged the appropriate sales tax rate. If you reside outside the state of Arizona but elect to pick up your product sales tax will apply.

Sales tax is not applicable to those living outside the state of Arizona when the product is shipped to that location for use outside the state of Arizona

If you should have any questions concerning taxes please contact us 520 622 8335


AZ BBQ Outfitters warrants this barbecue unit against defects in material and workmanship under normal residential use and maintenance. AZ BBQ Outfitters warrants the cooking body for the lifetime from date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship under normal residential use and maintenance.
AZ BBQ Outfitters provides no representation, warranty, or promise relating to damages or defects in the unit which are the result of: (i) ordinary wear and tear; (ii) failure of customer to provide normal maintenance or proper care of the unit; (iii) characteristics common to materials used; (iv) natural disaster; (v) loss; or (vi) injury caused in any way by natural elements, changes made to the unit by the customer, or any misuse, negligence, recklessness, or intentional act or acts of any person.
AZ BBQ Outfitters will provide a replacement part for any part found by AZ BBQ Outfitters to be defective and shall not be responsible for any re-assembly.
Customer should inspect the unit on purchase/delivery for any defects and immediately contact AZ BBQ Outfitters. If the product is damaged such that the product needs to be returned to MFG for repair the buyers is to decline shipping. If the product is accepted and the client finds that the product is damaged AZ BBQ Outfitters will work with the client to repair the damaged part. If the unit must be shipped back AZ BBQ Outfitters will not be responsible for shipping chargers if client accepted the grill without inspection.

This warranty does not include labor charges connected with the determination of replacement of defective parts, or freight charges to ship these parts.

In consideration of this warranty, customer agrees that any dispute related to the unit or this warranty shall be tried in Tucson, Arizona and subject to Arizona law.