The Tuscan Grill is a versatile cooking machine. It has the capability to cook Argentine Style, Santa Maria Style and using cast iron skillets and wok to cook over an open fire pit. It is the best wood fired pit available. You can expand the Tuscan Grill to a Scottsdale cooker by simply adding a windbreak and lid. Choose between an argentine grate or a solid round grate. The Grill has been designed to expand as you expand your cooking styles. This grill can be a Scottsdale in the future by simply adding the lid assembly and additional grate.

24 x 48 - $1834.50
24 x 42 - $1634.50
24 x 36 - $1434.50

Marine Grade Cover ( Coast Guard Fabric )
24 x 48 - $385.00
24 x 42 - $360.81
24 x 36 - $335.00


Fabricated from 3/16 Steel Plate
Fire Box measures 12 Inches Deep
1 inch drain for easy cleaning / draining
Drop Down Front Face
Fire Box Vented with Round Vents
Long Horn Crank Wheel
Heavy Duty Frame 10 Gauge
Heavy Duty Casters Rated at 400 LBS Each
3/8 Solid Round Grate (Mild Steel)
2442-Grill Grate Cooking Surface 22 x 39
2448-Grill Grate Cooking Surface 22 x 45


Additional Grate
2436 - $201.25
2442 - $215.00
2448 - $230.00

Custom Crank Wheel
$86.25 ( Silhouette Only)

Visit You Tube for a detailed look at the Grill

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