We would like to wish you all “Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year”. Thank you all for your support in 2014. We are looking forward to the new year and keeping our slogan going, “Rebuild America buy Made in the USA”

Arizona BBQ Outfitters located in Tucson AZ, a USA company that builds Heavy Duty BBQ Pits with materials made here in the USA. All of our Pits are fabricated from 3/16 steel plate purchased from a Steel Mill in the USA. We precision cut all PITS with a CNC Plasma Machine for an exact and clean fit. Then finish them up by painting them with 1200 degree stove paint. They are built to last and will provide years of use. We proudly support made In the USA, rebuild AMERICA buy MADE IN THE USA.

****** URGENT NOTE ******
The lid on the Scottsdale with Counter Balance has the potential of coming off if allowed to open without controlling the lid until contact with backstop is made. There is a potential for injury if the lid does come off with a person standing behind the grill We have devised a simple fix. If you desire to have the safety devise added please email us and we will gladly send one out to you .


At Arizona Barbeque Outfitters we listen to our customers and fabricate a product thats innovative, durable and surpasses our customers expectations.

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